While we are known first as a roofing company, siding, soffits, fascia, and eaves are also all integral parts of a home's exterior protection. Our customers wanted to enjoy the same great service we offer in roofing for their home's siding, finishing, and eavestrough. They spoke and we listened.
Choosing your home's exterior can be just as overwhelming as choosing roof shingles. You can count on ARTE to recommend the exterior siding system that is right for your home. Just as with roofing, we carefully research and present to you all the options that best suit your needs so that the finished product enhances the attractiveness and value of your property.


Board and batten siding is usually used for exterior siding of houses and is composed of 8- to 12-inch wide wooden boards and narrow wooden strips, called battens.
The battens are nailed over the seams between the boards. The boards may be placed horizontally or vertically. The difference between standard board and batten siding and reverse board and batten siding is that the reverse type has very narrow boards with wide battens installed over the seams. Usually board and batten siding is associated with country cottages and rustic style but you may find a lot of options for more contemporary look.


Solid wood or vinyl board and batten siding?

When it comes to making choices for the exterior the question of best materials comes first. Furthermore the whole siding project is a costly one, as it includes the price of material and installation and it is not something that homeowners would like to do every second year. Solid wood or vinyl board and batten siding? Each material has its advantages. Solid wood board and batten siding gives a great finish to the home. Real wood is a versatile material choice for board-and-batten siding styles because it is easily cut to specification. Some wood species are not quite durable and the general fire resistance is certainly a factor. With the right choice of wood, the lifetime of your house siding can be up to 55 years. Redwood and cedar are one of the most popular choices for solid wood board and batten siding as these wood species have a natural resistance to decay.

The fact that decay is the biggest disadvantage of wood siding, this is a key characteristic when you choose your material. Solid wood siding is can be bought in lumber stores or dealers and installation requires with basic carpentry tools and skills. However, it is not a good idea to make it your first DIY project.
The main advantages of vinyl board and batten siding is that it is weather resistant, pets and mold resistant, easy maintenance and installation. Durability is also quite big, and vinyl siding will last for decades. The cons of vinyl board and batten siding is the possibility of cracking due to the exposure to the sun’s light. Although vinyl is technically recyclable it is very rarely recycled which is a concern environmentally-wise.