Leaf Guard

Leaf Guard

For every homeowner, there is nothing more frustrating than the job of clearing out the rain eavestrough. That's why, Gutter Depot is here to help you say goodbye to this dangerous and distressing job forever. Our professionals at Gutter Depot will install our premium LeafGuard system that will keep your eavestrough clean and free flowing around the year.
Eavestrough are designed to collect the rainwater and redirect it to the downspout. This way, you protect your soffit, fascia and home foundation from water damage and expensive repairs. However, the standard eavestrough tends to accumulate leaves, small branches and other dirt as well over the time that lead to blockage in the system. In order to prevent such issues, LeafGuard systems are designed.


What Is LeafGuard?

LeafGuard® is an efficient rain gutter protection system designed for Canadian homes. All gutters are meant to keep water away from your home, but only LeafGuard system is designed to provide extra protection with its debris-shedding technique that makes it better than the standard gutters. There is a hood built into the gutter itself that doesn't let the leaves or debris clog the eavestrough. This is the most reliable and efficient system than eavestrough covers, eavestrough screens, eavestrough hoods, or eavestrough helmets.

A LeafGuard eavestrough can perfectly fit with the exterior of your home. It' s sleek design will enhance the overall appearance of your home.
Durable and robust than any other eavestrough system.
Patented design will prevent leaves and debris from clogging your eavestroughs.
It acts like a shield for your home's siding, trim and foundation against water damage.
Guaranteed CLOG-FREE. No need to climb the ladders to clean the system.
No ugly or bulky add-ons required, this one system is sufficient.
LeafGuard Protects Against
Debris build-up that leads to clogs & spillovers
Leaks behind gutters that can cause damage to fascia, soffits & siding
Leaks in your roof that are the outcome of the nail or screw holes
Growth of mold and bacteria
Acorns and seeds that attract pesky pests and rodents
Unsightly weeds and tree saplings that grow inside the gutter
Stagnant water that allows mosquitoes to thrive