About us


Power Gold INC. is GTA’s leading gutter or eavestrough installation company. Gutter and eavestrough are meant to keep water away from your property. They protect your home’s foundation from any kind of water damage. Thus, it is vital to install this integral part of your home efficiently.
Our experienced professionals have the right tools and expertise to install your gutter and eavestrough in a proper manner. We will take care of all your gutter installation needs professionally and timely.
When you replace your old, damaged or worn out eavestrough, you are basically saving yourself thousands of dollars in future gutter services and your home from potential water damage. Eavestrough & gutter installation is a complex project that must be completed by professionals. The staff at Gutter Depot can provide you with affordable & professional service, repair & installation of rain gutters and eavestrough in the Toronto area.


Flexibility: We understand that every home has a unique architectural style. That's why, we bring our products in a variety of colors that can perfectly blend with your home style.
Longevity: Our eavestroughs are built with strong material that will last for years.
Protection: Every home should have a durable eavestrough so that water couldn't get collected around your walls and foundation. This way you can avoid water damage and expensive repairs. Our quality eavestroughs direct water away from your home’s foundation.
Warranty: Every product and service we provide comes with a warranty. So, you can rest assured knowing that you will get only the best.
When it comes to eavestrough installation, our professionals deliver a satisfactory solution. If you have any queries about our installation service, feel free to contact our professionals. We would be more than happy to help you with your eavestrough needs in Toronto and surrounding GTA.


Our Team is a Canada based eavestrough and gutter repair and maintenance service. Our professionals are dedicated to helping customers improve their homes with professional, reliable home improvement services. We have been offering our high quality service and quality customer service to the Canadian community for the past 5 years. We provide free on-site quotes to homeowners. With our variety of eavestrough services, we aim to improve the curb appeal of your home. With our amazing Team, great workmanship, great experience and great customer service - we can help you finish your 'honey-do' list.